New JRC report on the mapping and assessment of primary and old-growth forests in Europe

In April, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) from the European Commission published a report in which they gathered knowledge about primary and old-growth forests in the EU. The report presents the results of the integrated narrative on primary and old-growth forests specified in the MAES ecosystem assessment. The aim of this report is to contribute to the process of developing guidelines on the definition, mapping, monitoring and strictly protecting all the EU’s remaining primary and old-growth forests.

The report mentions the Life prognoses project : “The recently started LIFE Preparatory Action project PROGNOSES (PRotection of Old Growth Forests in Europe: Natural heritage, Outline, Synthesis and Ecosystem Services) will bring a contribution to the further assessment of the ecosystem services delivered by primary and old-growth beech forests. However, more research will be needed to cover other types of primary and old-growth forests, with a view to better define conservation objectives and raise more awareness of the value of these forests”

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