Work Packages

Work Packages

We will make our project concrete through different work packages.

The first work package concerns the realization of maps of old-growth forests in Europe. Before making maps, we’ll elaborate criteria and methods to map the forests in a consistent way. The second work package consists in identifying the benefits of old-growth forests, which are called “ecosystem services”. The third work package consists in communication about old growth forests in Europe.

Every work package contains different actions the partners  will undertake to reach together the project’s goals within a duration of 4 years.

More details about our actions

  • WP A.1.1: Definition of old growth forest and development of methods

    • Action A.1.11: Definition of old growth forest

    • Action A.1.12: Compilation of existing mapping products

    • Action A.1.13: Screening of Remote-sensing-based mapping methods for old growth forest

  • WP A.1.2 Application of mapping methods on a set of known or suspected old growth forests​

    • Action A.1.21 Field mapping and testing of indicators developed in WP A.1.1​

    • Action A.1.22 Evaluation of existing datasets​

    • Action A.1.23: Application of the remote sensing approach​

    • Action A.1.24 Evaluation of remote sensing results​

    • Action A.1.25 Compilation of final results

  • Action A.2.01 Assessing the influence of forest management on microclimate 

  • Action A.2.02 Assessing the influence of forest management on carbon storage 

  • Action A.2.03 Assessing the influence of forest management on biodiversity 

  • Action A.2.04 Assessing the influence of forest management on recreation and tourism

  • Action A.2.05 Collection and compilation of ecosystem information from test sites

  • Action A.2.06 Calculation of ecosystem services for test sites

  • Action B.3.01 Development of a communication and awareness raising strategy and implementation instruments

  • Action B.3.02 Local and national awareness raising

  • Action B.3.03 European awareness raising

  • Action B.3.04 Networking with other European projects (visit of other Life Projects)

  • Action B.3.00 Project communication